Comedy, 4 women, 30 min.


The coydog is a coyote-feral dog hybrid that is theorized to exist naturally due to mating between the two species in the wild…some people even claim to have them as pets. What is said of it is that it’s the perfect predator–taking the coyote’s infamous cunning along with the dog’s social lack of timidity. In other words: friendly until it goes for your throat.

Hallie and Tish aren’t sure if Donna’s pregnant, but they’re pretty sure she’s been shot. Out on the desert road, with a broken down truck and rather limited options, they toss her in a wheelbarrow and head for safety. But there’s coyotes about…


2010 – Rhinoceros Theater Festival, Chicago (festival)
Directed by Kate Brown
Featuring Casey Cunningham (Donna), Nora Fiffer (Tish), Melissa Riemer
(Billie), and Kimberly Wiczer (Hallie)

2009 – EP Theater, Chicago (production)
Directed by Brad Bartolo
Featuring Ruth Bistrow (Hallie), Rose Buckner (Billie), Erin Callahan
(Donna), and Meghan Murphy (Tish)

2008 – Chicago Dramatists, Chicago (reading)
Deadline Workshop
Directed by Scott Mullins
With Kristie Berger, Wendye Clarendon, Cameron Feagin, and
Marguerite Hammersley


2009 – EP Theater (EC [in wheelbarrow], MM, & RBi; Photo: Kyle LaMere)



Drama, 2 flex roles, 10 min.


A beaten body and beaten mind prepare for ‘the fight,’ mired in a loop of ritual and regret. The fighter’s head is shaved…wrists are taped…the trainer soliloquizes about jagoff brothers and glory…victory would be imminent, if only there was never an opponent.


2008 – Video by Deadbeat Escapement, directed by Jeffrey Bivens

2007 (II) – The Players Theatre, New York (festival)
Shortened Attention Span Festival
Directed by Cara Scarmack
Featuring Fayna Sanchez (Donny) and Steve Russo (Tooth)

2007 (I) – Curious Theatre Branch, Chicago (festival)
Et Cetera Festival pres. by The Mill
Directed by Jenny Magnus
Featuring Casey Cunningham (Donny) and Scott T. Barsotti (Tooth)

2006 – The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (workshop)
Down in the New Chair series
Directed by Jenny Magnus
Featuring Casey Cunningham (Donny) and Scott T. Barsotti (Tooth)


left: 2007 – Players Theatre/Shortened Attention (SR & FS)
right: 2007 – Curious Theatre Branch/Deadbeat Escapement (CC & SB)


Horror, 2 women 1 man, 10 min.


A woman leaves town for the weekend. When she returns she finds something growing out of her wall. Something eerily familiar.


2014 – SCI-FEST, Los Angeles (festival)
The 1st Annual Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival
Directed by Jeff Liu
Featuring Angela Lin (Anne), Camille Mana (Lily), and West Liang (Mass)

2013 (I) – WildClaw Theatre, Chicago (festival)
Strangers and Strangerers, a salon
Directed by Anna M. K. Brenner
Featuring Allie Kunkler (Anne), Lindsey Pearlman (Lily), and Michael Sherwin (Mass)

1 Tell Me 3 1 Tell Me

2014 – SCI-FEST (Top: WL & CM; Bottom: WL; Photo by David Dean Bottrell)


Drama, 1 woman 1 man, 10 min.


A couple discovers that they process crises and cope with the unknown in very different ways following an abrupt and immense geothermal event in their vicinity.


2014 – Chicago Dramatists (reading)
Saturday Series, 10-minute play contest
Directed by Neena Arndt
Featuring David Knoell (Guy) and Ashley Honore (Girl)

2013 – Chicago Dramatists (reading)
Plays for a Blue Moon
Directed by Casey Cunningham
Featuring Matt Kahler (Guy) and Sara Gorsky (Girl)



Drama, 1 man 1 flex, 20-25 min.


Turns out everyone owes someone, and everyone is owed. It’s unavoidable. Somewhere in the computer age, a hypocrite inundated by his own crisis is thrown in the interrogation room and bullied by a barrister whose job it is to collect on services rendered. In this world, being seen has value; to some, it’s worth everything, whether they admit it or not.


2008 – Curious Theatre Branch, Chicago (production)
Part of ‘The Other Side of the Elephant: Short Plays by Curious Writers’
Directed by the Ensemble
Sound recording by Stephanie Sherline, edited by Matt Test
Featuring Adam Rosenberg (The Hypocrite) and Casey Cunningham
(The Barrister)

2008 – Curious Theatre Branch (AR)


Comedy, 1 woman 2 men 1 flex, 8-10 min.


Three youths board a train and are confronted by a derelict who might have the bubonic plague, or might just be making a political statement.


2008 – Dramatis Personae, Chicago (production scheduled)
part of “TRANSITions”
Directed by Tim Bambara
Featuring Tony Santiago (Milo), Jason Cohen (Jay) and Whitney White (Paula)

2006 – Collaboraction, Chicago (production)
Sketchbook 6
Directed by Jeremy Wechsler
Featuring Noah Simon (Milo), Rob Belushi (Jay), Greta Honold (Paula),
and Kirk Nortridge (The Plague)

2006 – Collaboraction/Sketchbook (GH, RB & NS)


Horror, 2 man 2 women w/ multiple ensemble roles, 10-15 min.


Inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s song “Highway Patrolman,” Joe Roberts is haunted not only by the absence of his malcontent brother Frank, but by the faces of those Frank left in his wake.


2013 – Tympanic Theatre Company, Chicago (production)
Part of ‘Deliver Us From Nowhere’
Directed by Allison Shoemaker
Featuring McKenzie Gerber, Dennis Frymire, Rebecca Loeser, and Christine Vrem-Ydstie

2013 – Tympanic Theatre (MG)


Horror/Comedy, 2 women, 10 min.


Two mischievous girls break into Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery one night to put an urban legend involving Philip Danforth Armour to the test.


2011 – The Artistic Home, Chicago (festival)
Cut to the Chase Festival – “Whistling Past: The Graveyard One-Acts”
Directed by Madrid St. Angelo
Featuring Katie Devine (Addie) and Tanya Mounsey (Susie)

2006 – American Theater Company, Chicago (festival)
Big Shoulders Festival
Directed by Joseph Bowen
Featuring Karen Hokanson (Addie) and Melissa Pond (Susie)


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