Comedy, 1 man, 60 min.


Henry is an FBI agent who wishes, with all of his heart, that he were unnecessary.  A job well done is only a reminder that the world is full of monsters; immediately following the arrest of one such monster (a second-grade teacher removed directly from his classroom), Henry takes it upon himself to speak to the perp’s homeroom students.  Despite being exactly the wrong kind of guy for this sort of thing, Henry attempts to comfort, educate, and reassure the kids that everything’s going to be ok… while knowing deep down that it really probably won’t be.  In trying to take their minds off of present events, Henry gives them much, much more to think about.


2013 – Stage Left Theatre, Chicago (festival/staged reading)
LeapFest X at the DCASE Storefront Theater
Directed by Drew Martin
Featuring Mark Pracht

2012 – Chicago Dramatists (staged reading)
Saturday Series
Directed by Marti Lyons
Featuring HB Ward

2011 – American Theatre Company, Chicago (staged reading)
also partially presented in 10×10 Festival
Directed by Marti Lyons
Featuring HB Ward

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