Horror, 2 women 2 men, 80-90 min.

“A zombie play with brains.” ~ Jon Kitley,


A violent uprising of the undead forces two couples into hiding, and infected spouses take a turn for the worse.  Gary and Karen tether their turning partners, Molly and Joe, for the safety of all; but as Molly and Joe fall deeper into sickness, the question of whether or not they are still themselves becomes harder and harder to answer as they become more threatening.  As Gary and Karen come face to face with the true meaning of commitment, they must ask of each other: when does love die?

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2015 – WildClaw Theatre Company, Chicago (production)
Directed by Brad Akin
Featuring Josh Zagoren (Gary), Elizabeth Birnkrant (Karen), Drew Johnson (Joe), and Krista D’Agostino (Molly)

2013 – The Reformers, Portland, OR (production)
Directed by Charmian Creagle
Featuring Chris Murray (Gary), Christy Bigelow (Karen), Sean Doran (Joe), and Jennifer Elkington (Molly)

2012 (II)  – Happy Medium Theatre, Boston (production)
Directed by Mikey DiLoreto
Featuring Tim Fairley (Gary), Audrey Lynn Sylvia (Karen), William Schuller (Joe), and Lizette Marie Morris (Molly); with Deirdre Benson and Barbara DiGirolamo

2012 (I)  – New World Arts, Goshen, IN (production)
Directed by Laura Gouin
Featuring Michael Kennel (Gary), Brittany Gardner-Kennel (Karen), Keith Hiebner (Joe), and Annie Swartley (Molly)

2011 – The Visceral Company, Los Angeles (production)
Directed by Dan Spurgeon
Featuring Carl Bradley Anderson (Gary), Anne Westcott (Karen), Rafael Zubizarreta Jr. (Joe), and Lara Fisher (Molly)

2009 (II) – Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company (production)
Directed by Mark Whitehead
Featuring Todd Betker (Gary), Makeda Duncan-Parker (Karen), David Conley (Joe), and Valentina Benrexi (Molly)

2009 (I) – WildClaw Theatre Company, Chicago (production)
Directed by Anne Adams
Featuring Ryan Patrick Dolan (Gary), Jenny Strubin (Karen), Brian Amidei (Joe), and Laura Hooper (Molly)

2008 – WildClaw Theatre Company, Chicago (reading)
Directed by Anne Adams
With Paul D’Addario, Laura Hooper, Josh Odor, and Elaine Robinson

2006 – Roundelay Theatre Company, New York (festival)
N.Y. International Fringe Festival pres. by The Present Company
Directed by Cara Scarmack
Produced by Robert Gander
Featuring Aaron Lake (Gary), Sarah Sirota (Karen), Burt Brooks (Joe), and Kendall Rileigh (Molly)


2015 – WildClaw Theatre  (KD, DJ, JZ & EB; Photo: Kyle Hamman)

2009 – WildClaw Theatre  (LH & BA; Photo: Charlie Athanas)

2009 – WildClaw Theatre  (RPD, LH & JS; Photo: Charlie Athanas)

2009 – WildClaw Theatre (RPD & BA; Photo: Kirstie Shanley)

2009 – Pittsburgh Playwrights (MDP & VB; Photo: Mark Whitehead)

revenant photos 068
2006 – Roundelay Theatre Company/Fringe NYC (SS & BB; Photo: Rob Gander)

revenant photos 095
2006 – Roundelay Theatre Company/Fringe NYC (KR; Photo: Rob Gander)

2011 – The Visceral Company (AW, CBA, LF, RZJr.)

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