Commissioned by Concordia University Chicago

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Weird Sisters

Dark fantasy, 7 women 2 men, 90-100 mins


Witches’ familiars don’t often die before the witch does, but Ruby is losing hers to a consumptive sickness. Before she can even begin the grieving process for her dying friend, she is pressured to find a new spirit guide to replace him. Meanwhile, Ruby and her sisters were just assigned an urgent errand by their superior goddess, Hecate: meddling in the affairs of an ambitious Scottish general. While murder and treason shake all of Scotland, Ruby’s concerns become more deeply personal. Unable to cope without seeing her lost familiar one final time, Ruby accepts a perilous quest to obtain the ingredients for a necromantic charm.


2015 – The Collective at Concordia University Chicago
Developed in association with Chicago Dramatists
Directed by Jason A. Narvy

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