Drama/Horror, 2 women 1 man, 75 min.


Sam and Catherine Curie have imprisoned themselves, and each other, in their own home.  Catherine’s agoraphobia has become so acute that she is literally cut off from the outside world, not checking the mail, answering the phone, or speaking to anyone; meanwhile, Sam is keeping secrets.  And neither has slept in weeks.  But Sam must make a choice…a neighborhood girl threatens to blow his cover, and the presence of an unfamiliar car in the street threatens to send Catherine over the edge.


2014 – the side project theatre company, Chicago (production)
Directed by Devon de Mayo
Featuring Diana Slickman (Catherine), Robert Koon (Sam), and Kathryn Acosta (Julie)

2012 – Steep Theatre Company, Chicago
Backyard Reading Series
Directed by Emily Campbell
With Audrey Francis, Cheryl Roy, and Norm Woodell

2010 – Curious Theatre Branch, Chicago
Presented as part of “IT COULD HAPPEN ANYWHERE”
Directed by Jeffrey Bivens
With Mike O’Brien, Allison Shoemaker, and Debbie Strecker

2006 – Curious Theatre Branch, Chicago (workshop production)
Curious Theatre Branch “Scaffold Project”
Co-presented by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Directed by Beau O’Reilly
With Scott T. Barsotti, Jayita Bhattacharya, Jeffrey Bivens, Debbie Strecker, and Kate Teichman

2014 – the side project (DS & RK; Photo: Scott Dray)

2010 – Curious Theatre Branch (MO’B; Photo: Jeffrey Bivens)

2010 – Curious Theatre Branch (AS [standing] & DS; Photo: Jeffrey Bivens)

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