Drama/Horror, 5 women 1 man, 70-80 min.


Angela has lost her face.  Acquiring a new face alters more than skin and tissue, cutting into Angela’s relationship with her husband, Wes, and mutating her sense of self.  As Angela re-constructs, re-invents, and re-defines her identity, Wes ceases to recognize the woman he loves, and doubts whether he really knows himself either.  This re-imagining of my 2003 play (my first ever professionally produced), challenges how we recognize ourselves and those we go to bed with, and the collateral damage of transformative change.

Awarded ‘BEST THEATRICAL ILLNESS’ in NewCity’s Best of Chicago 2013 issue:
“[Angela] is diagnosed with an allergic reaction to her own skeleton and skin. If you think that sounds painful, you should have seen the expertly gory makeup work by Aly Renee Amidei and Sarah Scanlon that brought this epic disease to life.” – Read write-up: http://best.newcity.com/2013/10/31/best-theatrical-illness/


2013 – The Ruckus Theater, Chicago (production)
Directed by Kyra Lewandowski
Featuring Casey Cunningham (Angela X), Susan Myburgh (Torn), Julie Cowden (Healed), Christine Vrem-Ydstie (Repaired), Moira Begale (Remade), and Neal Starbird (Wes)

2012 – The Ruckus Theater, Chicago (workshop)
Directed by Kyra Lewandowski
With Kate Black-Spence, Catherine Bullard, Julie Cowden, Casey Cunningham, Neal Starbird, and Christine Vrem-Ydstie

2003 – Roundelay Theatre Company, Chicago (production)
Directed by Robert Gander
Featuring Shelby Mattingly (Angela) and Joshua Bywater (Wes)

FA pro CC
2013 – The Ruckus (Casey Cunningham; Photo by Gerard Van Halsema)

FA pro NS SM
2013 – The Ruckus (NS & SM; Photo by Gerard Van Halsema)

FA pro Angelas
2013 – The Ruckus (CVY, SM, MB & CC; Photo by Gerard Van Halsema)

2003 – Roundelay Theatre Company (JB & SM; Photo by Robert Gander)

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