ENTRY (or, you think you know me)

Drama/Horror, 3 women 2 men, other ensemble as needed, 90 min.

Commissioned by the Goodman Theatre, developed as part of the 2014-2015 Goodman Playwrights Unit


Some time after a personal tragedy, Coye and Whit retreat to a lakeside cottage to rest and recover. There, what begins as a benign vacation morphs into a nightmare as they begin to obsess over strange entries in the cottage’s guestbook–entries that describe their emotional experiences; entries that detail their actual grief; and even entries that appear to have been written by them. As they begin to lose themselves in the narratives of the book and confuse their own stories with those they are reading, they are tossed into a whirlpool of the uncanny in which identities shatter, memories change, and the darkness of the past threatens to swallow the future. Before they can leave this place, they must confront how well they really know each other, and whether they will ever find each other again.


2015 – The Goodman Theatre, Chicago (reading)
Directed by Devon de Mayo
Featuring Emjoy Gavino (Coye), Jeff Trainor (Whit), Mary Williamson (Strange Coye), Colm O’Reilly (Strange Whit), and Kelly O’Sullivan (Female Whit), with Erin Barlow (stage directions)

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