A ghost story for ages 5+, 1 woman 2 men 2 flex roles, 60 min.

With original songs by Matt Test and Troy Martin
based on THE MYSTERY OF THE PIRATE GHOST by Geoffrey Hayes

Commissioned by Lifeline Theatre KidSeries

(Illustration by Geoffrey Hayes)


Writeup in Chicago Sun-Times

4 STAR review in TimeOut Kids (read full review)
“The first thing you need to know about the new Lifeline Theatre kids’ production, The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost, is that it’s legit scary…a quick scan of the audience revealed a lot of the younger audience members had crept over to the safety of parental laps. This is all for the good, as Pirate Ghost was the best kids’ show I’ve seen at the theater.” ~ Jonathan Messinger


2013 – Lifeline Theatre, Chicago (production)
Lifeline KidSeries
Directed by Paul S. Holmquist
Featuring Casey Cunningham (Otto), Josh Douglas (Uncle Tooth), Deanna Myers (Auntie Hick/Widow Mole), Mike Ooi (Captain Poopdeck), and Conor McCahill (Joe Puffin/Ducky Doodle)


2013 – Lifeline Theatre (JD, CC, CM, & MO; Photo by Suzanne Plunkett)


2013 – Lifeline Theatre (CC, MO, DM, JD, & CM; Photo by Suzanne Plunkett)


2013 – Lifeline Theatre (CC & MO; Photo by Suzanne Plunkett)

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