My novel SINGLE VERSION is currently funding on Inkshares is a company everyone should check out, especially if you’re a writer. They’re a San Francisco publisher that crowdfunds their process, meaning: they let readers decide what they publish. They’ve built an awesome writers’ community online.

In order for Inkshares to publish SINGLE VERSION, I need to secure 1,000 pre-orders of the book by November 15. SINGLE VERSION is a sci-fi novel tinged with horror set in the Chicago of a bizarre but not-too-far-removed United States. An increasingly sinister corporate police state. 3D printers guarantee weapons and cybernetic limbs for all. Systems and infrastructure are falling apart. No information can be trusted whatsoever. And quadrillions of super-cockroaches dominate the ecosystem. And it sounds, at times, like the sky is screaming.

Seem like fun? If you dig the premise, and want to learn a bit more, follow the link above and check out my project page as well as the first two chapters. You’ll get a feel for the main character, the voice, and the world. If you like what you see, please pre-order the book!

sv cover 2

In August and September, SINGLE VERSION was entered in the Nerdist Collection Contest on Inkshares, a fun-as-hell ball of stress and hustle in which the top 5 projects were pushed into production regardless of whether they reached their funding goal. SINGLE VERSION placed 7th. Disappointing in the small sphere, but in the big picture a pretty inspiring and encouraging result–there were over 350 novels entered into this contest!

That got me some momentum, now it’s time to win the marathon. The race to 1,000. I have until November 15!

I believe people will enjoy this book. Even if they don’t “enjoy” it, they’ll enjoy thinking about it and being creeped out by it. Every time I turn on the news I see a story that makes me feel like we’re inching closer to a world like SINGLE VERSION, which makes it feel very timely to me. I’m extremely proud of it.

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Go to and register an account, you’ll be asked for an email. They’ll send you an email to confirm your address.
  2. Wait for that email and click on the link within, this nets you a $5 credit which you can use immediately on any Inkshares book.
  3. Go to SINGLE VERSION’s page, you can use the link at left (or search for it by title or my name).
  4. Once your credit shows up, click the green PRE-ORDER button to order the book for $4.99.

That’s it! A few clicks and a pledge of $4.99, and you get a hard copy of a brand new sci-fi horror novel once its published! A new book for 5 bucks and you help a young author achieve a career milestone. Pretty sweet deal.

While you’re at it, check out a few projects from some other Inkshares authors too! Here are a few I’ve backed:

The Seventh Age: Dawn by R. Heinz

Disintegration by Steve Soldwedel

Enhanced by S.T. Ranscht and Robert Beus

It’s All Fun and Games by Dave Barrett

The Talkers are Talking by Janna Grace

A God in the Shed by JF Dubeau

Blood Dawn by John Robin



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