My novel’s campaign on Inkshares ends in a week, which means there are seven days left to PRE-ORDER my book SINGLE VERSION for the cost of a beer. A normally priced beer, not some small batch Belgian sour beer– which would be delicious but that’s NOT what we’re talking about. This is a contest in partnership with The Nerdist, which means there are winners. Five winners to be exact. I want to be one of them, but I need you in order to get there.

The book has gotten a couple cool shout-outs on the Nerdist site, and here’s the link to my project, where you can read a sample and synopsis as well as order the book:

sv cover 2

The competition has gotten really heavy in the last couple weeks. I was running in the top 5 for most of the contest but I just–in the last few days–slipped into 7th and my only chance at winning this thing is if I have a strong finish. Please help me with this final push.

I’ve gotten great feedback on this novel. I believe in it. I think people will enjoy it, enjoy thinking about it, enjoy being creeped out by it. Inkshares is an awesome democratic model for publishing, and that excites me—but then add in the fact that if SINGLE VERSION finishes in the top 5, it will not only be published, but it may end up sponsored by The Nerdist. How cool is that?

Like sci-fi? Like horror? Like me? Please order. If I’m successful you get a new book to read for 5 bucks*. If I’m not, I’m not, and you won’t be charged a thing!

Thanks for considering. Contest ends 9/30. Jump in if you can.

*If you choose to order, make sure you A) confirm your email address to get your $5 credit (making my book $4.99 to order), and B) click back through to Inkshares to enter payment and shipping address info, otherwise your pre-order will not be complete! You’ll get an email titled ‘Single Version Confirmation’ when it’s a go.


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