BREWED in Pittsburgh this summer

UPDATE: BREWED has since opened and closed after having a great run (thanks Pittsburgh!), and it’s just been that long since I’ve been able to do a substantial update here. I’ll share more soon, about this production and what’s next…it’s been a crazy summer…

It’s been announced elsewhere and I’m late to the party, but I’m thrilled to announce that BREWED will be produced in Pittsburgh this summer with No Name Players. My friend and fellow Steeler fan Steven Wilson will direct.

Brewed Poster Image

The cast will feature Sol Crespo as Paulette, Tressa Glover as Babette, Siovhan Christensen as Juliette, Kelly Trumbull as Roxette, Cindy Jackson as Nannette, Alex Manalo as Collette, and Moira Quigley as Lee.

I’m so excited to be playing in my hometown again. And running just before we move, too; it feels like a welcoming.

Check out No Name’s website for info and tickets.


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