WildClaw Theatre’s MOTEL 666

Been a while since I updated… There’s been a lot going on. New kid on the way, new city on the horizon, new job(s), new theatres to explore, new everything. Even though we’re moving to Pittsburgh (which is where we both grew up) it’ll feel like a completely new town because neither of us has lived there as an adult. It’ll be a crazy fall.

Back on earth, my next project goes into rehearsals soon. WildClaw Theatre’s MOTEL 666, a new horror anthology featuring plays by Christopher Hainsworth, Ele Matelan, Brett Neveu, Michaela Petro, Christopher Walsh, Joseph Zettelmaier, and myself. My play, “Hanger-On,” concerns a woman named Gemma, whose sister Clea has had her body invaded. Gemma’s resolved to get Clea across the border to an expert in the morning, but first they’ll have to survive a night at Motel 666.

Scott Cummins directs this massive project, which will open in June at the DCASE Storefront Theater.



A World Premiere

Written by Scott T. Barsotti, Christopher Hainsworth, Ele Matelan, Brett Neveu,
Michaela Petro, Christopher M. Walsh & Joseph Zettelmaier

Directed by Scott Cummins

Conceived by Aly Renee Amidei & Brian Amidei

On the forgotten highways of the American Midwest, there is a vacancy waiting for you at Motel 666. Run by a clerk of questionable morals and kept clean-ish by a trickster maid, Motel 666 is the finest establishment on the road to nowhere. Be you lonely or loved, guilty or relatively innocent, charmed or just plain down on your luck, you can rest your weary soul at Motel 666. (Note: Management cannot be held responsible for souls lost or misplaced.)

Previews: June 3-4, 2015
Opening: June 5, 2015
Closing: June 28, 2015

Performances** will be held at the DCASE Storefront Theatre, 66 E. Randolph Street, with shows ThursdaySaturday at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:00pm.



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