WildClaw opens THE REVENANTS 1/10

The set is built. The lights hung. The undead harnessed.

WildClaw Theatre’s new production of THE REVENANTS is in tech this week at the Athenaeum, and you can get your tickets here.

There are previews Thursday and Friday so you can get in on the zombie love early.

The Revenants
by Scott T. Barsotti
directed by Brad Akin

January 8th-February 22nd

The Atheneaum Theatre

2936 N. SOUTHPORT AVENUE / BOX OFFICE: 773-935-6875

Tickets on Sale Now!

During an uprising of the undead, two couples take refuge in an abandoned basement. Gary and Karen must decide what to do next as their spouses have already been infected and are starting to turn. As they complete their transformation, the question of whether or not they are still themselves becomes impossible to answer. As Gary and Karen come face to face with the true meaning of commitment, they must ask of each other: When does love die?


Elizabeth Birnkrant as Karen
Josh Zagoren as Gary
Krista D’Agostino as Molly
Drew Johnson as Joe

Costume and makeup design by Aly Renee Amidei
Scenic design by Dan Stratton
Lighting design by John Kelly
Sound design and composition by Rick Sims
Violence design by Scott Cummins
Gore engineering by Ryan Oliver
Movement direction by Scott T. Barsotti
Stage manager: Lauren Lassus, assisted by Norine McGrath
Assistant director: Mandy Walsh
Technical director: Margaret McCarthy
Poster and graphics: Charlie Athanas


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