JET BLACK CHEVROLET at the side project through 12/21

JET BLACK CHEVROLET is open and runs through December 21 (which happens to be the shortest day of the year). 


(photo by Scott Dray)

“Barsotti, whose past horror work includes “Brewed” in a Ruckus/Tympanic Theatre co-production and “The Revenants” for WildClaw Theatre, gets a great assist here from director Devon de Mayo along with a trio of actors who commit to both the mundanity and the numbing terror at the heart of the story. The result is a piece with glancing echoes of Edward Albee’s numerous portraits of troubled midlife couples (especially “A Delicate Balance”) but with a sharp edge honed on the whetstone of an America defined by inexplicable and never-ending conflicts overseas and increasingly grim economic prospects at home.” ~ Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune (full review)

“…[C]ouches turn into ghouls and chairs seem to weep. Director Devon De Mayo and sound designer Stephen Gawrit construct terror all too capably—the final “phantom” should leave you deeply unsettled, to say the least.” ~ Chloe Riley, Chicago Reader (full review)

Tickets are available through the side project or Brown Paper Tickets, and there are some discounts available for these first couple weeks. The show runs on an unconventional schedule because it’s in rep, including Wednesday evening shows and Sunday matinees at 5:00pm.

I’m thrilled with it. Devon de Mayo is an asskicker of a director, she put together a beautiful production and a stellar cast (that would be Rob Koon, Diana Slickman, and Kathryn Acosta, all of whom are giving excellent, nuanced, challenging performances).


ALSO, WildClaw Theatre’s DEATHSCRIBE is next Monday, December 1st at the Mayne Stage in Rogers Park. DEATHSCRIBE is my favorite night of the year, five original horror radio plays performed live with foley artists and a band. Tends to sell out so buy your tickets today!


(poster by Mandy Walsh)

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