UPDATE: SCI-FEST is currently running! Visit for more details and tickets!

A group of producers in LA have come together to create the 1st annual science fiction one-act play festival, aka SCI-FEST.  Here’s an intro video from their Kickstarter campaign page:

My play TELL ME WHO YOU SEE is part of the SCI-FEST 2014 line-up.  (If you happened to catch WildClaw‘s Strangers and Strangerers event last year, you saw it featured there with Allie Kunkler, Lindsey Pearlman, and Michael Sherwin in the cast.)

Check out the Sci-Fest website for more info about the festival, or their Kickstarter page if you’d like to contribute to their admirable mission of bringing sci-fi to the live stage.

sci-fest teaser


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