BREWED is open (and the fists are flying)

Update: BREWED closed on March 24 after a very successful run at Theater Wit. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show! Stay tuned.

Brewed Producation 2

The Ruckus and Tympanic co-production of BREWED is now open and runs through March 24!  You can get your tickets here, and if you use the discount codeword SISTER you’ll get $5 off our first two Thursday performances (3/7 and 3/14).  Check out some snippets from early reviews below.

Brewed Producation 1

RECOMMENDED “When the first line of a play is “motherfucker,” you know you’re probably in for a good time.  BREWED is a lively production full of everything from ultra violence to the supernatural and even some dark family issues.”  ~ New City, John Accrocco (full review)

Brewed Producation 3

“My brother and I sometimes fight, but in the world of BREWED the sisters look like they are auditioning for Fight Club (by the time the play was over there were mangled feet, bloodied noses, and blackened eyes)…BREWED is recommended for its very dark satire and wickedly awesome fight scenes.” ~ Splash Magazine Chicago, Noel Schecter (full review)

Brewed Producation 4

“[C]austic, darkly funny family drama…What does it mean when loyalty among sisters might in fact be a dirty word? What happens when you can’t turn your back on a person who may be psychotic? What happens when all that estrogen starts to resemble testosterone? I suspect it would look a little something like BREWED.” ~ Chicago Tribune, Nina Metz (full review)

Brewed Producation 5


(Photos by Gerard Van Halsema)


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