BREWED co-production opening soon!


On March 2, the joint Ruckus and Tympanic Theatre production of BREWED opens at Theater Wit (1229 W Belmont Ave, Chicago).  You can get advance tickets here!


It’s almost surreal.  BREWED has been such a long time coming, with many iterations in festivals, staged readings, and workshops.  I started writing BREWED in 2005, and Anna and I first worked on it together in 2008.  I’ve lived with this family for so long, and I’m out of my mind excited to finally share them in all their brutal wonder.


The badass cast is made up of Dana Black as Juliette, Stevie Chaddock-Lambert as Babette, Charlotte Mae Ellison as Collette, Meredith Rae Lyons as Nannette, Susan Myburgh as Roxette, Erin Myers as Paulette, and Elise Mayfield as Lee.


Violence design by R&D Choreography.  Scenic design by Dustin Pettegrew.  Lighting design by Christine Grodecki & Brian Berman.  Sound design by Maxwell Shults.  Costume design by Ashley Ann Woods.  Props design by Casey Bentley.  Makeup design by Chrissy Weisenburger.  Prosthetic design by Ruth McCormack.

Directed by the intrepid Anna C. Bahow, with assistant director Casey Cunningham, stage manager Holly McCauley, assistant stage manager Lizzy Powers, and production manager Brian Ruby.


Tympanic Theatre Company and The Ruckus present


by Scott T. Barsotti

directed by Anna C. Bahow

March 2-24

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 7pm

@ Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont Ave.


The task is stirring a pot…all day, every day. The sisters don’t share it as they once did. With Nannette busy racing stock cars and Roxette off doing her own thing, the others are left to shoulder the burden. But Paulette is fed up; Collette is clueless; and Babette, crippled in more ways than one, is volatile. Juliette does her best to maintain order and civility…for now. But why must they do this? And where else can fights go when you already use your fists?

When Roxette brings her new girlfriend home and calls everyone together, old venom bubbles up and grievance flares, setting into motion an impossible moral struggle. BREWED is a play about gatherings, sacrifice, and the dark art of obligation.

(Psst…by the way, east coasters…BREWED will be going up in Boston in the fall of 2013 with Happy Medium Theatre)

(Photos by Gerard Van Halsema)


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