FACING ANGELA tonight and tomorrow

Tonight (Monday, October 29) and tomorrow (Tuesday, October 30) nights ONLY, The Ruckus is presenting workshop performances of FACING ANGELA.  Each performance is at 7:30 at Teatro Luna, 3914 N Clark Street (fka The Artistic Home).

FACING ANGELA is the first play I ever had professionally produced, back in 2003.  Back then, it was directed by Rob Gander for Roundelay Theatre Company, and performed at the Raven with Shelby Mattingly and Josh Bywater in the cast.

With The Ruckus this season, I’ve completely rewritten/reimagined FACING ANGELA ahead of a new production of the play in the spring/summer of 2013, helmed by Kyra Lewandowski.    We workshopped this new iteration of ANGELA this month with performers Kate Black-Spence, Catherine Bullard, Julie Cowden, Casey Cunningham, Christine Vrem-Ydstie, and Neal Starbird, and the story has gone to some exciting, scary new places.

Many thanks to The Ruckus for making this workshop possible, to Kyra and our dramaturg Jessica Reese, to our stage manager Kaitlin Stewart, and to our uber-talented cast.  This process has been insanely helpful in re-developing the play.

The performances are pay-what-you-can, with a wine-and-beer reception to follow Tuesday’s performance.  Hope to see you there!

Angela has lost her face. Acquiring a new face alters more than skin and tissue, cutting into Angela’s relationship with her husband, Wes, and mutating her sense of self. As Angela re-constructs, re-invents, and re-defines her identity, Wes ceases to recognize the woman he loves, and doubts whether he really knows himself either. This re-imagining of Barsotti’s 2003 play, explored over the course of the season with the cast and company, will delve deep into how we recognize ourselves and those we go to bed with, and the collateral damage of transformative change.


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