This Wednesday, July 25, at 8pm, at Links Hall, we will be hosting a presentation of the fights for my play BREWED.  These fights are being designed and developed by R&D Choreography, with the actual cast for the 2013 production.  Come get a sneak peek!  More details about the workshop and how to reserve a seat at the bottom of the post.

The event is free thanks to a generous grant from the Illinois Arts Council, but donations will be accepted in support of the production. I will talk about the play, Anna Bahow (the director) will talk about the development process, the R&D guys will talk about how we’ve created physicality and violence vocabularies for the show, and then we’ll FIGHT!!!

And this show has a whole lot of fighting! The women in the cast are absolutely kicking ass, and having this time to devote to the fights (not to mention ensemble-building) has been invaluable.

Fight Workshop for BREWED, by Scott T Barsotti
At Links Hall, 3435 N Sheffield Ave, Ste 207
Chicago, IL
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 @ 8:00pm

Cast: Dana Black, Charlotte Mae Ellison, Stevie Chaddock Lambert, Meredith Rae Lyons, Elise Mayfield, Susan Myburgh, and Erin Myers
Directed by Anna C. Bahow
Violence Design by R&D Choreography (Rick Gilbert and Victor Bayona)
Assistant Director: Casey Cunningham
Understudy/ASM: Lizzy Powers
Special thanks to Casey Bentley and Links Hall!

For reservations, email me at

This workshop was made possible by a grant from The Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


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