Opening tonight and running through May 20 is Tympanic Theatre’s Deliver Us From Nowhere: Tales From Nebraska.  This is a very cool project that challenged Chicago playwrights to write short plays inspired by songs from Bruce Springsteen’s 1982 album Nebraska.  I drew the song “Highway Patrolman,” and from that crafted a play called THE STRAY, which Allison Shoemaker directed.  Can’t wait to see it!

It’s a busy week, with Deliver Us opening tonight and a staged reading of YOUR TEACHER IS OUT TODAY coming up on Saturday at Chicago Dramatists.  Click here for more info about that!

Here’s some great pre-press about Deliver Us From Nowhere from Chicago Sun-Times.

More info about the run:


April 26-May 20
Thurs-Sat, 8pm / Sun, 7pm
at the Right Brain Project
4001 N Ravenswood Ave

Tympanic pairs eleven playwrights with ten Chicago directors to create a piece of theatre inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s legendary album, Nebraska. Each writer uses a song on the record as the springboard for a short play before an ensemble of musicians composes original music based on the plays themselves. Deliver Us From Nowhere is a meditation on how art reflects art; a live album in the most unique sense of the word and a celebration of music that is rustic, eerie, and seething with story.


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