Surveying the Craft: Movement Direction for The Duchess of Malfi

Strawdog Theatre just released this hilarious video (*cough cough*) erm… “about” my movement direction on The Duchess of Malfi.  The show opened on April 22 and runs through May 26.

Surveying The Craft : Movement Direction from KBH Media on Vimeo.

I’ll have another update in a couple days about Deliver Us From Nowhere, Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series, Fable Festival, and a WildClaw series called Strangers & Strangerers, all of which I’ll be a part of in the next month.

Enjoy the video!


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  1. Hi Scott, Haven’t seen you for a while as I haven’t been to CD or Wildclaw, but saw Duchess of Malfi and thought your Movement Direction gave the performance significant meaning and it definitely added to my enjoyment of the play. The movement dynamics added another impressive dimension to the performance and in fact at times with the subtle lighting changes, the movement took on a sculptural dimension. So fluid. So impactful. So magical. I can’t imagine this performance without your input! I was quite impressed with the production. Didn’t know you were a Movement Director in addition to your many other talents. Thanks for being so imaginative and productive.

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