Press and Buzz for KILL ME at WildClaw Theatre

(UPDATE: KILL ME closed on March 18)

The run of KILL ME is well underway, tickets are on sale and people are loving it.  If money’s tight you can use the codeword “MISERY” at the Athenaeum box office tonight (2/24), tomorrow night (2/25), and Sunday’s matinee (2/26) to receive 2-for-1 tickets.

Check out this feature article from Dave Fuentes on his blog: Terror From Beyond the Daves!

“Many of us admit a fear of death, but how many of us can truly grasp what immortality would actually mean? These are the kind of questions the audience is forced to confront when watching KILL ME.  I guarantee, whether you are a fan of horror or of good theater, you will NOT leave disappointed!”  – Dave Fuentes

Horror blogger Bryan Shuessler also wrote about us on his blog, SHU-IZMZ!

Always love getting the nod from fellow horror fans.  Thanks, fellas.

What some of the press is saying about KILL ME:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 3 1/2 Stars (out of 4)
“Kill Me is a fantasy nightmare for the believer and the disbelievers. Playwright Scott T. Barsotti wrote a phantasmagorical tale. At the heart of it is love.  Barsotti makes the stakes high and the characters engaging.  (Michaela) Petro spins out of control with an edgy but steady decline. Petro is poignant reacting with relatable but disconcerting helplessness. (Casey) Cunningham is definitely in control. She plays it somewhere between big sister therapist and whatever-happened-to-baby-Jane caretaker. At the soul of it is Sasha Gioppo (Gam). Gioppo perfectly illuminates both innocence and lunacy. Costume and Makeup Designer Aly Renee Amidei knows how to portray demons. And these guys look like their names: Paranoia, Dread, Angst, Despair. Each bad feeling is distinct, spooky and just how I visualize them. Making it sound like my worst nightmare, Sound Designers and Composers Scott Tallarida and Mikhail Fiksel fill the space with booming music. It starts in my ears and reverberates through my body … Although I anticipated the signature WildClaw gore-fest, Kill Me was a different kind of terror. It was more heart-tugging horrific than hair-raising horror.”
Katy Walsh – Chicago Theater Beat, Chicago NOW

“Revolutionarily new… this femme powered production is moodily directed by Jeff Christian. Amidei’s haunted costumes and make-up, Barsotti’s plasticized movement work and the magnificent sound design by Scott Tallarida and Mikhail Fiksel all make the production an ultimate feast for the senses… Barsotti proves himself to be a major playwright in the making … Throw in vibrant performances from Casey Cunningham and Michaela Petro and truly spooky work from Jude Roche and Ele Matelan (whose demented cackles provide the show’s most chilling moments) and you’ll discover that Wildclaw has truly invented an unusual evening of theater here.”
Brian Kirst – Sheridan Road Magazine

“Kill Me is a genuinely creepy 70-minute show from the only Chicago theater company to specialize in this particular genre … At Sunday’s packed matinee, appreciative theatergoers murmured with approval at regular intervals, including every time the knife went in.”
Chris Jones – Chicago Tribune

“Play[s] out like a cross between ‘Hellraiser’ and ‘In My Skin.”
Zach Freeman – New City

“KILL ME – Scott T. Barsotti’s effectively creepy new work … Jeff Christian’s atmospheric staging features strong acting as well as creeptastic use of a repurposed piano soundboard.”
Kris Vire – Timeout Chicago

“This play is a lot of fun. Nobody else in town does what WildClaw does. “Kill Me” looks fantastic, with special kudos going to John Wilson’s Frankenstein set. And then there’s [Mikhail Fiksel and Scott Tallarida’s] sound design, which emanates mostly from a gutted turned-up piano and a surrounding assembly of instruments that suggests they found Dick Van Dyke from the old Mary Poppins movie, skinned him alive, then hung him out to dry.”
Alex Huntsberger – Centerstage

What some of our audiences are saying after KILL ME:

“It’s a really beautiful, terrifying, unsettling, masterful play and a production that rises to every inch of the occasion.” AS


“Thank you for reminding me why I do theatre. Wow. Awesome.” SS

“This show is BOMB!” JJ

“I was engrossed by this story that just creepily unfolded, bit by bit by bit. I rarely walk away having had “fun” at a play, but I felt I got to think with the “exciting” part of my brain.” MG


“Very, very disturbing……I don’t think I’m sleeping tonight.” SFS

“Congrats to WildClaw and all involved on KILL ME! (Seriously, that show kicked me in my lady bits.)” MW

“Y’all are not a bit sorry you messed with my head. I didn’t sleep well last night….no surprise there.” LM

“You creeped me out bigtime! Awesome show.” KG

“I felt like my heart threw up. But in a good way!” – BP

“Awesome show!!! *So* creepy and haunting. Fantastic performance!!!” MS

More info and press quotes at  KILL ME closes March 18.  Don’t miss it!

Photos by Mel Winer, courtesy of WildClaw


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