KILL ME is WildClaw Theatre’s next show!

I am thrilled to announce that WildClaw Theatre‘s next foray into onstage horror will be my play KILL ME. Cast, crew, and synopsis below.

(Interspersed through this post are images of early concept art from Aly Renee Amidei, who is designing the creature costumes and makeup.)

Opening February 2012, Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago


written by Scott T. Barsotti
directed by Jeff Christian

featuring WildClaw ensemble members Casey Cunningham and Michaela Petro, and guest artists Sasha Gioppo, Matt Kahler, Ele Matelan, Chris Maxwell, and Jude Roche

Costume and Makeup Design by Aly Renee Amidei

Sound Design by Scott Tallarida and Mikhail Fiksel

Scenic Design by John Ross Wilson

Lighting Design by Julian Pike

Creature Movement Design by Scott T. Barsotti


Upon awakening from a post-traumatic coma, Cam is convinced that she has lost her ability to die.  As her reaction to immortality rapidly shifts from invincible wonder to cosmic terror, her sanity begins to break.  Fearing life eternal, Cam attempts suicide…again…and again…causing her sister and lover to grapple with nightmares of their own, born in the dream world, and the real one.  Are the demons plaguing these women real or imagined…and is there ultimately a difference?  Through relentlessly shifting dimensions, soundscapes, and mental worlds, KILL ME presents a lyrical horror story in which unending life proves worse than death.

We’re gonna freak you out.  More soon.

(Images courtesy of Aly Renee Amidei.)


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