3 plays coming up! Year of the Short continues…

This week, Theatre Seven of Chicago announced their upcoming production of WE LIVE HERE. Last summer, Margot Bordelon and Cassy Sanders of T7 tapped writers to tell autobiographical tales about some aspect of their life in Chicago, be it moving here, working here, having their heart broken here, whatever it might be. The resulting piece was workshopped in the studio at Lookingglass last year and is now going into production as the first show of their 6th season. Rehearsals start Sunday!

In the story that I wrote, the role of “Scott” will be played by a fella named Desmond Gray.

By Scott T. Barsotti, Laura Eason, Molly Each, Kit Idaszak, Kim Morris, Brian Golden, Nick Ward & Doug Whippo
August 8 – September 11, 2011
Nelson Algren famously wrote that loving Chicago was like “loving a woman with a broken nose.” Eight of Chicago’s best storytellers join forces in an examination of that sentiment for our generation, contributing eight unique autobiographical tales of life by the lake. Weaved together by live rock music, video interviews with three dozen everyday Chicagoans and the relentless rush of the El train, We Live Here cuts an affectionate look at true stories of life and love earned in search of the ultimate badge: Chicagoan.

*** But then there are two more!  ***

I also found out recently that The Artistic Home will be producing my play GRACELAND as part of their annual Cut to the Chase festival, which is coming up in a few months.  Madrid St. Angelo of Urban Theatre Company will direct.

Annnnd: EP Theater will be producing CAPITAL O as part of a short play series this fall/winter.

More details on those two to come…


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