2011 – The year of the short play

So, this year has been a year of short work (so far).  I contributed writing to The Dream Journal of Doctor Jekyll, which The Mammals produced back in February.  American Theatre Company asked me to write a play for their annual 10×10 festival, and the result was a short one-man show called YOUR TEACHER IS OUT TODAY AND WILL BE OUT TOMORROW which the indomitable H.B. Ward performed, with Marti Lyons directing.  You can read that piece here if you like.

YOUR TEACHER was such a success, it seemed to me, that I’m really wrestling over what to do with it.  It’s hard to leave things brief sometimes…it felt like a deliciously compact, stand-alone piece as it was, but I like the character so much that I want to spend more time with him.  Tough call.

Other projects are coming down the pipeline…The Year of Short Work continues in the coming months, I’ll have more about those projects soon, just waiting on details.

Oh…and big news coming from WildClaw on many fronts.  Our next show (yesssss)…new podcasts (we were in the studio over the weekend)…the official opening of submissions for Deathscribe 2011, and more…bwahahaha….


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