WildClaw featured in the Chicago Tribune!

Click the link below to read Chris Borrelli’s fantastic feature article all about WildClaw, cover story of the Tribune’s ‘On the Town’ section from Friday, January 28.  It’s a STELLAR write-up for WildClaw!

At WildClaw: Cognoscenti of the Living Dead

by Chris Borelli

“[WildClaw’s] first hit was its least-known script, a zombie play named “The Revenants,” which WildClaw produced in 2009 to packed houses at the Angel Island Theater in Lakeview. The playwright was WildClaw’s Scott Barsotti and two of the four characters were walking dead.

“The play, which featured two couples, each of which has a zombified spouse chained in the basement, did not come off entirely like a traditional work of horror. Instead, it asked: Can you stay with a partner to the end? Is there a point where you move on? And more specifically, could you shoot them if they were bitten by a zombie? After one performance, [WildClaw member Aaron] Christensen overheard a woman say to her spouse, ‘If I ever turn into a zombie, please shoot me.’

‘I doubt you ever hear that coming out of O’Neill plays,’ Christensen said.”

Click here to read the whole article at chicagotribune.com.


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