Busy busy busy

Wow…over a month since I updated.  I suppose I could post a picture of a chicken with its head cut off, but come on, that’d just be gross.  Although it is rather descriptive of how I’ve felt.  But in a good way.

The truth is November has been extremely busy, but also great.  I just finished a new and improved draft of THE BODY SNATCHER (yes! grave robbers!) and began rehearsals for WildClaw Theatre’s production of Carmilla, which opens in January at the DCA Theater.  On Monday, I’ll be performing in WildClaw’s Deathscribe 2010, at the Mayne Stage in Rogers Park.

I’m also contributing writing to The Chicago Mammals’ upcoming production of The Dream Journal of Doctor Jekyll, for which I’ll also be playing Jekyll.  This is an exploded version of Bob Fisher’s oft-revived hit, Clay Continent.  Bob said to me yesterday that Dream Journal is sizing up to be the “weirdest, darkest, funniest, most violent” project he’s ever worked on.  Really freaking exciting.

And Casey and I cooked our first ever Thanksgiving dinner last week, for just the two of us.  Cooking a turkey is scary.  Delicious, but scary.

More soon…including updates on upcoming productions of THE REVENANTS.


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