Closing Weekend of LEGION

We got a great nod from Brian Kirst over at Horror Society this week:

“WildClaw Theatre Company’s current stage adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s Legion ultimately awes with its ambition and multiple accomplishments. That its countless arcs and feast of characters ultimately don’t gel as tightly as last year’s wickedly taut zombie epic, The Revenants, is a complaint that can be pretty much overlooked by the evening’s end- Legion still compels and it remains quite clear that no one can attack macabre theatre quite as well as WildClaw can.”

Also a nice mention for yours truly:

“[T]he elegantly controlled work of actor Scott T. Barsotti (as the essence of a presumed dead serial killer among others) brings the work a true sense of completion.

This is our last weekend for LEGION.  If you haven’t seen it, please go to and grab yourself a ticket.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’ve had a blast working on this show and it’s perhaps my best work as an actor.  So I feel great.  Looking forward to 4 more great performances, then on to the next despicable enterprise…

Speaking of which, something approaches on May 3.  Yes, the ElvisBride concert at the Double Door.  But something else.  Something startling.  Something big.


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