Come see LEGION

Been a while since I updated…been in the process of moving, plus a lot in the works, writing wise (there will be a lot to update in a month or two…woot!)

In the meantime, WildClaw Theatre’s production of LEGION has just 3 more weekends!!! I’m very proud of this show, as a member of the cast and a company member of WildClaw.

Three Stars – “Chilling “Exorcist” sequel gets WildClaw treatment”
“Legion deserves attention from serious fans of smart, well-crafted psychological horror.”
~ Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune (3-star review)

RECOMMENDED – a Must See Show: “’Legion’ provides a gruesomely good time at the theater.”
~ CSE Cooney, CenterStage Chicago

“Legion is a play that lives in the dark and the light: it’s political and scary and light and cinematic all at the same time… this play hits all the right marks for a fun night out.”
~ Aggie Hewitt, Chicago Theater Blog

“WildClaw’s Legion is intelligent theology wrapped up in a bloody straight-jacket and whispering at you from the shadows. Do not miss it!”
~ Jude Mire,

And here are some reviews for my performance as Damien Karras/Sunlight:

Excellent supporting work comes from Scott T. Barsotti as the wild-eyed (Damien) Karras…”
~ Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“Scott T. Barsotti’s depiction of the demonic killer lifts the veil between the living and the dead to reveal something strikingly sinister.
~ Venus Zarris, Chicago Stage Review

Scott Barsotti is the best special effect in the whole evening…as the body of Father Damien Karras possessed by the serial killer, [he] steals the show. Like Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys, this is a bravura performance…funny, charismatic and eerie all at the same time.”
~ Don Hall, An Angry White Guy in Chicago Blog

Scott T. Barsotti gives a performance that will make one jump in one’s seat – perhaps to one’s embarrassment.”
~ Aggie Hewitt, Chicago Theater Blog

Barsotti needs to be commended for taking a potentially cliché character, and turning it into a well-rounded human being I cared about.”
~ Chris Arnold, Steadstyle Chicago

We’re offering $10 (that’s half-price) tickets for students (with ID) and industry (with headshot or resume) on Thursdays and Sundays. We close April 18, and if prior WildClaw productions are any indication, we’ll be turning people away the last couple weekends, so go to and reserve your seats!


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