COYDOG nearly sold out for closing

UPDATE, 12:14pm: Coydog/Under Ground is now officially SOLD OUT.  Thanks everybody!  Please check out some other Rhino shows, a full schedule can be found at, the festival runs through Valentine’s Day, with a special closing night Vaudeville hosted by Jenny Magnus, 2/14 at 7pm.  ElvisBride, Crooked Mouth String Band, Vernon Tonges, and many more theatrical and musical delights.

The Chicago Reader had this to say about COYDOG:

“…a smart, buoyant, compassionate exercise in the Mojave Cracked genre epitomized by Sam Shepard’s True West——not to mention The Hills Have Eyes——about three young women marooned in the desert with a nice old lady who may be criminally insane.”
~ Tony Adler

I love that The Hills Have Eyes was referenced in a review of one of my shows.  I just love that.

At the time of this update, there are 4 tickets remaining for this Monday’s closing performance of COYDOG, along with Tooth and Nail Ensemble’s Under Ground, at the Rhinoceros Theater Festival. If you want to snag one of them, visit Brown Paper tickets via Thanks to everyone who has come and helped us sell out every show, your support is greatly, greatly appreciated!


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