THE REVENANTS heads the Pittsburgh City Paper ‘Short List’

Bill O’Driscoll at the Pittsburgh City Paper gave THE REVENANTS a nice preview in this week’s Short List.  It’s accompanied by a lovely photo of Makeda Duncan-Parker and Valentina Benrexi, taken by director Mark Whitehead:


“Zombies, like vampires, warrant endless metaphorical revision. George Romero cast the undead as living vessels for, among other things, racism and consumerism. Lately, with zombies only more popular in popular culture, we’ve heard (in The Wall Street Journal, no less) about “zombie houses,” foreclosed and vacant. Now North Hills native Scott T. Barsotti has a new twist. The Chicago-based playwright uses zombification as a metaphor for cataclysmically altered personal relationships — a new way to explore what makes us human.”  Read More…
~ Bill O’Driscoll


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