If Albee was a horror fan…

deathscribe2009In the days following Deathscribe, there have been several lovely writeups of the show on various blogs, including…

DEATHSCRIBE 2009 proved to be an extraordinary night for both theater and horror fans alike…a completely triumphant event.”
~ Chicago Stage Review

“I…remember finding and downloading some of the old horror serials that were similar to The Twilight Zone in style and content. It is these radio shows that DEATHSCRIBE 2009 reminded me of…It was quite an enjoyable night.”

…and a few nice bits about THE SKINNY MAN:

“[The Skinny Man] provokes both my primordial fear of chthonic spaces (basements) and my rational and experience-derived disgust of cockroaches. It is a creepy-crawly piece with lots of cursing and mummy-dry wheezing, with the Foley Artist banging out sounds of brick and mortar crumbling and things that go SHATTER in the dark.”
~ Killer-Works.com

“Scott T. Barsotti, author of a previous WildClaw production, The Revenants, closed out the night with his vaguely Blair Witchy The Skinny Man…Let me tell ya, the foley artist did a lot of celery and lettuce crunching for this one.”
~ Fearful Symmetries

Fearful Symmetries also, I just realized, wrote a wonderfully in-depth review of WildClaw’s production of THE REVENANTS after seeing it on closing weekend, opening with this:

If Edward Albee was a horror fan, he might have concocted The Revenants wherein a man and a woman try to plumb the depths of their affections for one another and for their undead spouses. Instead it was Scott T. Barsotti who penned the play…”

I love it.


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