DEATHSCRIBE rocks the Music Box

Thank you to all of the writers, directors, performers, foley artists, musicians, readers, and listeners who made DEATHSCRIBE 2009 such a successful evening of radio horror!

HUGE thanks to Katie McLean, Kate Brown, Mike Ooi, and Ron Kuzava for making THE SKINNY MAN as creepy, intense, and awesome as I could have ever hoped. Could not be more thrilled with my director and cast, not to mention Brian Amidei and Scott Tallarida for their outstanding and chilling foley work (on my play and throughout the evening…Brian and Scott kicked ass).

Also, big big thanks to everyone at WildClaw, I’m humbled to work alongside these folks.

And hearty congratulations to Chris Hainsworth, whose heart-breaking and disturbing play Remembrance won the Bloody Axe.

Sometime soon, WildClaw will be releasing podcasts with recordings of Deathscribe 2009, including all five produced plays, and posting them to the Blood Radio blog. I’ll be sure to link to them when they’re available!


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