THE REVENANTS closes…many, many thanks


THE REVENANTS closed Sunday.  When Coye and Anna were wiping the blood splatters off the wall for what I realized was the last time, I got unexpectedly choked up and had to remove myself from the theatre.  Working with WildClaw over the past year and change has been the most fulfilling experience I’ve had working in theatre.  What a lovely group of people.  Thank you to an outstanding cast, crew, and company for making it such a great ride, and thank you to our terrific audiences as well.

Just saw this review from Don Hall, over at his blog.  Don is a man, an artist, and a force in the scene who I have nothing but the utmost respect for.  To receive such a thoughtful response from him on the weekend of our closing is truly meaningful indeed.

I’ll miss this show.  For quite a while I’ll miss this show.

Photo: Laura Hooper and Brian Amidei (by Charlie Athanas)

(I’ve rounded up my favorite press bites about the show on the Press page. Interviews are there too. Looking forward to Pittsburgh!)


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