McMEEKIN reading went great!

Thank you to a wonderful cast (Randy Steinmeyer, Kate Buddeke, Blair Robertson, Andrew Raia, Steve Lenz, and Casey Cunningham), a fantastic director (Richard Shavzin) and one of the hardest-working organizations in town (Chicago Dramatists) for a great reading of my newest play.  I’m very excited about McMEEKIN and looking forward to seeing where it goes!

Thank you also to everyone who came out to laugh, and stayed afterward to share their thoughts.

Lots of chances to see THE REVENANTS and COYDOG this week:

ACTORS NIGHT tonight for THE REVENANTS!  7:30 curtain, half-price tickets, first come first served.

Wednesday-Saturday at 8:00, COYDOG down at EP Theater (which opened to a very receptive house on Friday).  This cast is very fun to watch.  Will Erin Callahan switch out her prop beer for real beer and actually chug a six-pack in 30 minutes?  Will Meghan Murphy punch someone in the nose, just to add that extra edge of danger?  Will Ruth Bistrow lose herself in her character and literally dig her finger into Ms. Callahan’s arm?  Will Rose Buckner ever find her house?


Lovely ladies, a dark comedy, and live music every night.  Come see!

Thursday-Saturday at 7:30, Sunday at 3:00, the second to last weekend of THE REVENANTS.  We’re fillin’ this place up and pre-selling more and more tickets, so don’t miss your chance to see this marvelous WildClaw production!  You can check out our great press, and cool photos, and awesome trailer and all that at WildClaw’s website…but you need to be there, in person, to appreciate how stunningly designed, beautifully directed, and powerfully acted this show is.

Hope to see you at the theatre!  Go Pens!


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