Rue Morgue drops today, plus two more great notices…

Issue #89 of Rue Morgue Magazine, who interviewed me about THE REVENANTS last month, hits shelves today, with an article in their “Dreadlines” section about the WildClaw production.

Check it out!

Also, we got fantastic reviews from the Windy City Times and Chicago Free Press.  Give those a read if you have a minute, great things to say about our beloved zombies…

“[T]ranscends formula schlock. The Revenants opens with…a mini-masterpiece of unnerving terror. [S]tartlingly vibrant performances. As the tightly paced story winds on…the intriguingly troubled history of this four-way friendship unwinds as the desperation increases. The end, as you might expect, isn’t pretty. But it is as perverse a happily-ever-after as you could possibly want from a tale of love among ghouls.”
— Catey Sullivan, Windy City Times

“Wildclaw Theatre’s presentation of Scott T. Barsotti’s somber zombie drama The Revenants contains a surprising emotional elasticity particularly for those anticipating nothing more than an all out limb flinging gore fest. Those schooled in horror, though, know that the best of the genre (wherein The Revenants firmly places itself) picks at the heart as well as the fear bone. Director Anne Adams keeps things moving at a nerve rattling pace while simultaneously highlighting Barsotti’s tight humor and multiple emotional shifts…the magnificent four person cast ultimately make us wonder if indeed the undead have memories and compassion that reside far beyond the mind’s eye”
— Brian Kirst, Chicago Free Press


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