(This is a sampling of the press from the first weekend of the Chicago run…more can be found at my PRESS page)

RECOMMENDED: A ‘Must See’ Show! “It offers an unparalleled chance to watch a splatter horror play and a talky relationship play in one sitting.  [T]he production has some truly resonant scenes…when the emotional entanglements of all four characters’ shared pasts are laid bare, the horror-house shocks and interpersonal bickering become something far more emotionally arresting. The Revenants shows how love can last longer than life itself, and its effects can be both beautiful and terrifying.
Centerstage Chicago

“Barsotti’s play offers more brain food than cheap thrills…a piece firmly centered on the central question of what makes us human…Adams knows how to underscore the creepiness without letting it overwhelm the heart of the show.”
Chicago Tribune

“Well worth your time. If you love horror and/or unusual theater, The Revenants should not be missed.”
Steadstyle Chicago

“Just a few minutes in, I was checking my escape routes in case I had to make a run for it. Charlie Athanas’s set design…left me slack-jawed [while] Mikhail Fiksel’s sound design really sets the show’s atmosphere, and continues to enhance throughout. The acting is solid all around. Blood and gore are used sparingly, but to great effect – Ryan Oliver’s squibs are some of the best ever seen onstage. I was startled, grossed out, shocked, afraid, and saddened…
Chicago Stage Review

The Revenants ROCKS!
Killer-Works, Jill Mire

“It’s clear these folks know and love horror. It’s rare to see scary theater, and I really appreciate that these folks are able to pull off high-quality, small-scale productions like this. A real treasure. 4 out of 5 stars!”
Windy City Horror

[A] tight, edgy, claustrophobic and suspenseful character drama with harrowing moments and deep emotional resonance…don’t miss this show! The WildClaw folks have excelled at doing exciting, fun and creepy theater, but this play takes them into a new realm of serious dramatic work. The show is terrific on all levels, with imaginative and creative work all around…believable set design with wonderfully playful and sinister details, moody and effective lighting design, energetic and intelligent blocking, believable violence, and rich and powerful sound design. All this would be for naught if it wasn’t in the service of a terrific story, and this is a really damn-impressive script. It’s full of terror, pathos, humor, and humanity that serves to elevate the zombie archetype into a rich metaphor for past love, relationships, and self-images.
Sword and Cloak


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