Upcoming interviews…plus zombies in tech, and MORE!!

revenants_photo6 Haven’t updated in a while…a lot of things brewing, THE REVENANTS is in tech, COYDOG is alive and well, and things have been generally busy, including some encouraging whispers that ALL WRONG ABOUT PEOPLE may shoot this summer.

This Thursday night at 11 PM central time, Anne Adams, Brian Amidei, and myself will have an interview air on the Graveyard Show, a horror podcast that goes out from the west coast.  We were each interviewed about THE REVENANTS, WildClaw, Chicago, and other things that go bump.  Looking forward to hearing that on Thursday night.  Also, interviews with Anne and myself are forthcoming in next month’s issue of Toronto-based Rue Morgue Magazine.  I believe that drops May 1, but if it’s available online I’ll link to it here.

In other fun news, did a concept shoot with Kyle and Lizz from IShootRockstars to promote my upcoming work in Chicago.  I’ll post some of those pics here soon.  They’re pretty sick (on multiple levels).

Photo: Laura Hooper (by Kirstie Shanley)


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