Lots coming up in 2009!!


Hope everyone had a happy and relaxing holiday season.  Mine was happy, not so much relaxing.  But both of my brothers have babies on the way, the Steelers are in the playoffs, RHINO FEST opens this month, and I have three productions lined up for 2009 already, which kicks this year off right in my book.  I’m going to do my best to update more often in the new year.

Coming up:


This is recent news.  Met up with Jason and Craig from EP a few days ago, and they’re looking to produce COYDOG.  Brad Bartolo will direct.  Shooting for an April 10 opening, 3 week run, which means the closing weekend would coincide with the opening of…



This one you know about.  Anne is casting it this month, auditions are at the end of January.  Offical opening is now set for APRIL 20, 2009 at Angel Island Theatre, home of Mary-Arrchie.  This lovely poster is the handiwork of Mr. Charlie Athanas.

And what’s that noise?  It sounds like an enormous, horned mammal coming this way…


RHINOFEST.COM is live for 2009!  Lots of info there!  So many shows!  Awesome theatre!  Go!  Go!


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