2008 ending, Rhino Fest approaches, and happy holidays!

Hi everyone,

this was a good year for writing and acting. Truly. As I cast aside my jaded cynicisms and grouchy grouch-grouch (but lovably so I hope) for the holiday season, I look back fondly on the year that began with a stellar engagement of Jenny’s Round and Round: a sexfarcetragedy at the MCA with Curious and ended with a production of BREWED in New Orleans and subsequent reading in Chicago last Thursday (which, thank you to everyone who came out in the ice storm, your presence was and is greatly appreciated). I still need to post photos from the New Orleans run, Michael emailed me some terrific photos last week.

2009 will begin with an evening of one-acts presented by Illegal Drama at the Rhino Fest. I’ll be performing in one and directing the other, working together with renaissance man Adam Rosenberg on pieces written by Adam himself and Michael Rychlewski. More to come on that in January. Speaking of Rhino, Curious has announced its entry in the festival: Elvisbride: Some Prepared Remarks to Clarify the Impending Jubilation, an operetta by Matt Test and Jayita Bhattacharya. Which happens to star Casey, and if you haven’t heard Casey sing, I strongly suggest you check her out.

And of course…WildClaw Theatre brings you THE REVENANTS in April.

Happy holidays to all, and a very happy new year. Thanks for checking in.


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