The 10036 Mystery…

So I got this envelope yesterday.  Empty.  No contents.  No return address.  Odd, I say.  I look at the postmark.  November 24.  Gadzooks.  The USPS has triumphed again!  I look at the zip code.  10036.  New York.  Curious.  Who do I have contact with/expect a reply from in that zip code?

Many places it turns out.  After following up with my best guesses and asking “Hey, did you try to send me something?  A yea or nay letter?  Feedback?  Correspondence?  Secret codes?  A fragrance?” and getting only what I visualize to be furrowed brows on the other end (and sorrycan’thelpya’s), the mystery remains…a mystery.

If you work at an organization in the 10036 zip code and you tried to mail me something on November 24, I received only your envelope.

And your fragrance.


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