Lots of news, plus INSTANT THEATRE…um…last night…

I’m really lame. I did Instant Theatre last night and completely forgot to mention it on here. What a jagoff.

Anyway…it was a great crop of scenes actually. Month after month, Instant Theatre gets more and more creative and theatrical, people really rise to the challenge. And the actors…they give some really terrific performances on the fly. Come out and see us sometime.

I’ll post my piece from last night, plus my piece from August’s IT on the READ page very soon.

In other news, I’ve found a director for the Around the Coyote reading of BREWED on December 18: Anna C. Bahow of Chicago Dramatists and the side project. The New Orleans production opens TONIGHT!

Arrangements runs 2 more weekends and we have a cheap cheap industry night this Monday, the 24th (10 bones. F’real.) This is a funny, weird show with a superb cast and we’ve gotten some great word of mouth, but we need some butts in seats these last seven shows (that’s right, ONLY 7 shows left!) Come out for some pre-Thanksgiving perversity and sibling sabotage!

Casey’s show The Dreams in the Witch House opened Sunday to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from theatre and horror fans alike! Great notices from the horror literati, check out the writeups on the website.  They run through December 21 but DON’T WAIT to see it. You’ll get invited to holiday parties and have to miss it, and then what?  WildClaw will need a government bailout, and I don’t think anyone wants that.


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