ARRANGEMENTS approaches…and Casey rules…

I was recently cast in Pavement Group’s upcoming Midwest Premiere of Ken Weitzman’s Arrangements, to be directed by Meghan Beals McCarthy.  I’m excited to work with Pavement for the first time…more info about the company and the show on their website.  I’ll post more info when the time is nearer.

I also won a bike at their fundraiser last week, which I’m pretty damn thrilled over.  Now I need to get a helmet and a lock, cause I’m gonna ride that puppy everywhere (just in time for winter)!!

Also, I’m this person’s biggest fan:

Casey Cunningham has two shows coming up that I’ll post some info about here soon, and which I encourage everyone to see because she is delightful and amazing and has some serious chops.  (Ok, she’s also my girlfriend…though I have no pretense of journalistic objectivity here so I’m not sure full disclosure is imperative.  But alas…serious chops.)  The shows are The Day Patient with Shapeshifters Theatre Company (opens end of this month) and H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dreams in the Witch House with WildClaw Theatre (opens in November).  Casey rules.

More soon…


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