EXCERPTS back up…and no one in America can read them…

Excerpts are back up for BREWED, BURROWING ANXIETY, COYDOG, CAPITAL O, and TENACITY.  There are also new excerpts available from my one-acts GRACELAND and SHOE POLISH, as well as my newest full-length McMEEKIN FINDS OUT.

Still working on reformatting and excerpting FACING ANGELA and JET BLACK CHEVROLET.

Also, and pardon the side note, I’m becoming increasingly troubled by this country’s anti-intellectual streak.  I’m seeing a lot of fantastic essays and entries circulating on the blogosphere and op-ed columns that are, through the filter of the Election, addressing America’s startling rejection of the intellect and literacy in exchange for intuition and the will, but then I think…oh dear, who’s reading this stuff except the already highly literate?

I read an article recently that stated the results of a survey of high-school students.  The kids who said they supported the war in Iraq showed a shocking and overwhelming inability to locate the country on a map (though apparently the kids who didn’t support the war didn’t fare too much better in this little test).  What’s worse, however, is puffed-chest anti-intellectual defiance, this sentiment that one is almost proud of their lack of knowledge, because they know who they are and what they have and what they stand for and that’s all that really matters…they love their country and they don’t need a book to tell them that.  Which, ironically, is its own flavor of cultural elitism.

It reminds me of the time I was walking down a Chicago street, reading, and one 30-something guy says to other 30-something guy in reference to me: “Hey, look at faggot-ass readin’ a book.”

I was reading The Exorcist.  What a snob.


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