Big sigh of relief (and a finished BOOK)

I was happy to hear from Michael Martin the other day, my friend and fellow artist down in New Orleans.  He and his partner Eric stayed in the city to ride out Gustav.  As is known, New Orleans didn’t get hit too bad, but they were living in a police state for a while and lost power, which is no fun at all…anyway, I got a message from him that they are doing ok.

So over the long Labor Day weekend, I participated in the 3-Day Novel Contest. This was the second time I’d ‘competed,’ (the first time was 3 years ago, and I didn’t finish a manuscript). This time, however, with Casey’s unflapping support and help over the course of it, I did indeed finish.

My novel (or novella as some would label it) is titled (for now anyway): A LACERATED CHEEK, and is about a moment during a play when an actor accidentally injures an audience member, and the reaction and inaction that results, told from about 20 different perspectives in the cast, crew, and audience.  It actually became a pretty funny story, I think, as well as my own imbedded commentary on the unique and varied intrigues and trappings of live theatre.

My manuscript came in at 82 pages, and while the 3-Day people state that their average entry is “100 pages.  Thereabouts,” I’m hoping they’ll consider a tight 82-pager for the top prize (which is publication).

I can’t publish any portion of the story here until I hear back from them, which will be in January.  In the meantime, just let me know if yinz wanna read it.  You know, send me an email n’at.


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