New Calendar thingy!

I guess it’s not really a calendar thingy.  It’s a calendar.  Upcoming events and details and such.  There’s a link in the right sidebar.  Or click here.

Also, I’m working on adding more to the READ page…there’s more information under Rec Room and Instant Theatre, and I’m planning to link to readable documents very very soon.

On a personal ramble, Casey and I went to Superior Donuts at Steppenwolf last night to see her cousin Michael Garvey in the show.  We got to hang out with the cast afterward, and Tracy Letts was in attendance as well.  Between him and the Ignition Festival earlier this month, I’ve been meeting a lot of talented playwrights lately, and seeing a lot of good new work, which is always encouraging. As Andi says in Beau’s play One Boppa, “Activity equals achievement!” Not really. I mean, yes she does say that, but no it isn’t true. At least I hope not. Regardless, I’ve been seeing and reading some good plays.

Donuts gave me some interesting ideas for McMEEKIN FINDS OUT…particularly Michael’s character, who enters very late in the play, but has such a huge presence (literally and otherwise).

I’m getting into a rewrite of McMEEKIN in the next week…and won’t that be fun?


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