THE PARANORMALISTS at Dragon*Con, plus METALUNA this weekend!

Great news.  THE PARANORMALISTS has been accepted by the Dragon*Con Film Festival in Atlanta.  Dragon*Con is the biggest genre-based multimedia convention in the US.  THE PARANORMALISTS will be showcased alongside some of the best sci-fi, fantasy, and horror work being made right now.  It’s the first (of hopefully many) festival selections for the short!  If you know anyone in Atlanta, let them know it’s happening August 29-September 1!

Many congrats to the folks at Tomorrow the World.  Not only was THE PARANORMALISTS chosen, but another TtW short, Booth Girls, also made the cut.  Bravo to all.

REMINDER: I will be performing in Metaluna and the Amazing Science of the Mind Revue with WNEP this weekend, Thursday 7/31-Saturday 8/2 at 8 pm, Sunday 8/3 at 7 pm.  What do the Chicago Reader and I have in common?  We both recommend the show.


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