The ELEPHANT has closed

Thank you to everyone who came out to see Curious Theatre Branch‘s production of THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ELEPHANT which included my play, CAPITAL O.

Thanks to Adam Rosenberg and Casey Cunningham for their powerful, engrossing performances, and to Matt Test and Stephanie Sherline for their stellar sound work on CAPITAL O.

Also, a big thanks to Kathleen Powers and Jen Moniz for all of their work on the ELEPHANT, as well all of the other writers and performers who took part.

The ELEPHANT was Curious’ last show at The Prop (at least for a while).  Curious is moving to a new space in Wicker Park, a few blocks away from where the Rhino began 20 years ago.  More on that when I know more.


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  1. Well hi there new website. I like this wordpress thing, perhaps it’s time to consider a move? Perhaps, indeed.

    Looks good, and the news about New Orleans is great.

    Best of luck scott…

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